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Our Cyber Security Department is known for quality security services and top-notch privacy techniques to secure clients data and prevent security breach by running quality assessment tests and implementing solutions for any detected

Cogniko helps you meet your availability and performance goals while keeping tool and network costs under control. Gain visibility and control across your infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud. Build a more agile network – that’s ready for any digital or cloud transformation initiative.

Fortify your security posture from the foundation with highly accurate threat intelligence and advanced analytics based on machine learning. Secure every connection to the Internet, regardless of network, device or location, while optimizing the performance of your security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform and the entire security ecosystem. Listed below are the services we offer under Cyber Security

  • information, computers, and network protection from cyber attacks
  • firewall security and secure end to end connection between information sharing nodes in an organization
  • cloud security and data protection
  • brute application testing and flaw detection
  • in-depth analysis of network traffic
  • detecting and tracking users and endpoint devices.
  • network intrusion detection
  • web application and mobile application security test hacking.